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YouTube Targeting Conservatives Violates Civil Rights

YouTube Targeting Conservatives Violates Civil Rights

Infowars editor, Paul Joseph Watson has recently stopped uploading videos to YouTube because of its hostile attitude toward contrarian commentators. Watson and other Libertarian YouTubers have been victims of the online video sharing platform’s “ad-apocalypse” that has been targeting right-wing contrarian commentators. In an episode of Alex Jones Live, Watson referenced a GOP congresswoman’s recent remarks on the issue calling it a “violation of civil rights”, implying Alphabet, YouTube’s parent company is intentionally de-monetizing contrarian commentators who use the platform.

Watson isn’t the only victim of ad-apocalypse. Many apolitical channels have been feeling the wrath of advertisers demanding “friendlier content”. Dave Jones, the founder of the most popular electronics channel on YouTube, EEVBlog has taken quite the hit due to ad-apocalypse. He stated in a video on his second channel that his ad revenue dropped nearly 40% while his viewership grew by upwards of 60%. His channel is strictly educational and completely apolitical aside from non-inflammatory and appropriate side comments.

De-monetization is not the only way that YouTube is going after it’s content creators. YouTube had recently announced its partnership with the Anti Defamation League, a notable partisan group whose aim is to reduce hate speech, in an effort to crack down on “terrorist videos”. Sargon Of Akkad, a contrarian commentator, as well as Watson, brought up the fact that the ADL and other YouTube partners classified Pepe the Frog as a symbol of hate. How can anybody trust any organization that classifies a meme as a symbol of hate to protect free speech and not use their powers for political gain? YouTube’s actions when it comes to fighting terrorism online are very strange and extremely questionable.

Make no mistake, YouTube is not the only offender in this crusade against free speech. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other traditional social media are shaping how we receive information. Google was found to be promoting positive Hillary Clinton stories over negative ones. Google has also found to be guilty of burying Conservative content in searches.

Google is one of the biggest technology monopolies in the world. The right has always valued free enterprise and the absolute right to free markets. Monopolies of any kind are not capitalism or free markets, nor is it free enterprise. Google has finally crossed the line by attacking independent political commentators who rely on AdSense and YouTube for revenue. Diamond and Silk, notable YouTubers who publish videos supporting President Trump have hinted toward a class action lawsuit against Alphabet (Google and YouTube’s holding company) for censoring and burying content.

Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press