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The Trump-Russia Investigation Is Dead

The Trump-Russia Investigation Is Dead

The sensationalist media has been exploding over the recent headlines that have come out in the past few days. Have no fear, we’re here to decipher what is actually happening. The short of it all: The Trump-Russia investigation has turned into a lobbying corruption investigation and Manafort’s arrest has put the final nail in the investigation’s coffin.

We learned Monday last week that Paul Manafort was arrested on charges relating to lobbying corruption after Special Counsel Robert Mueller expanded his “Russian Collusion Investigation” to include the Podesta Group. Mueller expanding the investigation to include everyone’s favorite DNC campaign chief and former WH Chief of Staff surely shouldn’t have made the entire right-wing media sphere explode, right? Well, we all know the answer to that  It did and they re-exposed a vast majority of dirt on Mueller.

What is the dirt they exposed?

We’ve all known for a long time that there is something up with Mueller. We all know he is a partisan hack only hired to do the bidding of the Democratic Party, but what exactly about Mueller makes the investigation dead? Republicans have been expected to file a resolution demanding Mueller recuse himself because of his supposed conflict of interest due to the Uranium One scandal during the Obama Administration. The Republicans are now saying because he was complicit in the Uranium One deal that it is a conflict of interest.

So, the director of the FBI was complicit in the very crime chain he is charging Paul Manafort in. Interesting…

Trump-Russia dead, now what?

Assuming the Freedom Caucus gets their way and Mueller is ousted chances are the investigation will crumble. There will most likely be another special counsel appointed to look further into the Uranium One scandal and continue Mueller’s sidetrack into corrupt lobbying practices by the Podesta Group. We will also see more lobbyists and corrupt politicians being arrested and charged.

So now you might be asking me, “What about Flynn?“, well, you need to look at what he might be charged with… corrupt lobbying practices just the same as Manafort. The moral of the story here is that they will never get any Trump campaign advisor or anyone named Trump on collusion charges because there is no Trump-Russia connection. There never is and there never was, no matter how mean you think the President is or how racist, bigoted and <insert buzzword here> he is.

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