We’ve written a lot this year and shared our viewpoints with thousands of people. As the year closes out, let’s take a look at some of our top articles.

Why We Should Hold the Media Accountable


Media has long gone unchecked and “fake news” has run rampant this year. In this piece, we argued that the American people need to hold the media and ourselves accountable for this. Through viewing pieces objectively and calling out the media on their lies we can make journalism honest again.

Baltimore: What’s Changed Since Freddie Grey?

In one of the last articles of the year, we look at what changes Baltimore has made since Freddie Grey’s passing in police custody. From soaring murder rates to changes in police policy, Baltimore has gone downhill.

In Defense of Austin Petersen, He’s The Real Deal

Views on this article skyrocketed as we broke down Missouri Senate Candidate Austin Peterson. Our support of Peterson stems from his criticism of government officials regardless of party, his ability to win the primary, and many other things listed in this well-written piece.

Manchester: Changing Your Profile Picture Won’t Help Curb Terror

Following the terrible bombing that occurred in Manchester this year, actual solutions were proposed as opposed to the typical virtue signalling that follows a terror attack. Weeding out terror hotbeds, better reporting, and realism are all ways we can help stop future attacks.

Gary Johnson Was Not a Bad Candidate

Next up, our author defends former LP candidate Gary Johnson. While Johnson often receives criticism, this article shows most of that it is undeserving. Through biased media coverage, Johnson was never given a chance. Despite that, he still prospered in the election, amassing more votes than any other Libertarian candidate.

Oregon Leads the Way in Protecting Sexual Assault Victims

Lastly, one of our most progressive articles is on display. Typically we criticize Oregon for their liberal policies, but this article is much different. Oregon’s legislation protects young individuals by preventing prosecution if you call 911 to report an overdose of an illegal substance.