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The NAACP Travel Advisory is Right – For All the Wrong Reasons

The NAACP Travel Advisory is Right – For All the Wrong Reasons

In another attempt to monger fear in the black community, the NAACP has issued a “travel advisory” for the state of Missouri. The advisory was issued in response Senate Bill 43, which the NAACP ludicrously compares to Jim Crow laws. While that claim is easily disproved, that’s not what will be discussed in this article. Instead, this article will break down why this travel is correct for a totally different reason.

Throughout the past few years, Missouri has been the forefront of racial tension in America. From Ferguson, which birthed the Black Lives Matter movement, to this NAACP advisory, race is a huge issue in Missouri. Unfortunately, this racial tension overshadows the real threats to blacks in Missouri – themselves.

As with most inner-cities in America, homicide is a huge issue in Missouri. Cities like St. Louis are on par to once again to surpass the previous years as Missouri’s homicide rate skyrockets. So how does this correlate to African Americans in Missouri being their biggest threat? The answer to that is simple – blacks in Missouri disproportionately kill each other at an alarming rate.

Let’s get into the numbers. as of 2016 African Americans make up roughly 12% of Missouri’s population yet account for over 60% of the state’s homicides and are the victim of 55% of homicides in the state. In comparison, whites make up 83% of the state’s populous while accounting for over 32% of murders and falling victim to 30.5% of those homicides.

Clearly, there is something going very awry in Missouri’s black population, as with the rest of the United States and the NAACP refuses to address it. The new law in Missouri is not going to kill hundreds of blacks and it is not going to put hundreds of blacks in jail for murder. The new law is not going to put over a thousand blacks in jail for robbery annually. The new law is not going to push Missouri’s African American poverty rate above the 31% it currently stands at. Instead, the new law is going to be used as nothing more than a propaganda tool used by the NAACP to generate more donations and deflect from the real issues facing black communities.






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