“The Oath I swore to uphold the Constitution means more now than it ever has.” -Shane hazel

In Georgia’s 7th Congressional district, there’s been a status quo of Republican representation that has been upheld for over twenty years that might just see its biggest challenge yet. No, not a Democratic hopeful, but a Republican running on the basis of liberty. This is where Shane Hazel comes in, hoping to dethrone the incumbent Republican of the last eight years.

Who is Shane Hazel?

Hazel first began his service to the United States when he enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly after the September 11th attacks. He graduated top of his class in his boot camp and occupational training and personally chose to serve in the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, a special operations capable unit. During his time in the Marines, he received the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor for his actions in the historic Battle of Fallujah. Hazel, a married father of three, now spends his time traveling the world and educating current special operations soldiers on the applications of new technologies. That may soon change though, as he embarks on his journey to win a seat in the United States House of Representatives.

A Limited Government Republican

Running on a basis of liberty and limited government, Hazel hopes to turn his congressional district around. Appearing to be influenced by the likes of Austin Peterson and Rand Paul, his libertarian ideals combined with his true conservative values make him a candidate not only Georgia, but the whole United States can be proud of. Maintaining a mostly Libertarian platform, things such as balancing the budget, repealing Obamacare, and abolishing the IRS are all within Hazel’s goals as a Congressman. Straying away from the LP, his stance on abortion is strongly pro-life, with hopes to defund Planned Parenthood and beliefs that life is started upon contraception.

Other Options

As previously mentioned, the district Hazel will be running in is almost safely Republican. His main competition and race forerunner is incumbent Rob Woodall. Woodall has held his seat for almost eight years now and has a very neo-conservative track record. Woodall has repeatedly voted to increase the national debt, was opposed to re-affirming the 4th amendment, and approved measures to increase federal funding to Planned Parenthood. These actions have netted him a liberty score of 56% from Conservative Review, a by far failing grade.

The Clear Choice

While Hazel may not be the most popular candidates or gain endorsements from the Republican Liberty Caucus, he is one of the best candidates running the in 2018 elections overall and by far the best choice for the district he hopes to represent. No matter what the outcome of his campaign is, we hope to see him continue to chase his political dreams, whether they be local or federal offices.

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