Hollywood and Washington, DC are falling apart and everyone is turning it into a partisan issue. Sexual assault allegations have been flung left and right against those who hold influence and those who are seeking influence. These allegations have further separated the divide between left-wingers and right-wingers. As of now, those on the left are demonizing and attempting to put a stain on Leeann Tweeden’s reputation because she accused Democratic Senator, Al Franken, of sexual assault. Those on the right are up in arms attacking the legitimacy of the sexual assault claims against Republican US Senate Candidate Roy Moore.

Anyone, Regardless of Political Affiliation Is Capable Of These Disgusting and Barbaric Acts

This is something both sides of the political spectrum must realize. We cannot demean the allegations based on the accused or the accuser’s political affiliations. It doesn’t matter that Al Franken is a Democrat and it certainly doesn’t matter that Roy Moore is a Republican. We, as a people, should not brush off the allegations. We should also not use Twitter or Facebook, or any social media website as a platform to decide whether or not the accused are guilty. Nor should we use the platforms to viciously attack the accuser because he or she is attacking a political figure we align with.

When We Discredit The Accusers, We Are Then Complicit In The Crimes

Sooner or later society will degenerate into a dystopia where nobody is safe to speak out against crimes committed by “the Elite“. We are at a time in history where powerful elites are free to reign because of their influence and money. People often wonder why Hillary Clinton can get away with breaking federal law and escape investigation by the FBI. It’s because she’s powerful, influential and has the manpower to silence those who speak out against her. We cannot further ostracize those who speak out against the powerful. We will devolve our society into a dystopia, as aforementioned.

My America will not succumb to the sensationalist media figures demonizing the accusers of these crimes. The crimes they describe are heinous and demeaning. Nobody should have to feel the way those accusers feel. The politically motivated lynch mobs on Twitter and Facebook will not have their way. If they do, our Republic is in grave danger.