President Obama’s “agent of change” platform was the start of an era of American Sensationalism. Obama was the main purveyor of the sentiment “if it looks and sounds nice, it must be nice“. His one major policy, Obamacare, being the main offense in the sensationalist anti-truth. Trump being another major player in the sensationalist culture war currently going on. “America First“, his war cry against the globalist oligarchs is another sensationalist facade.

The GOP Caused This Sensationalist Mess

After the GOP capitulated by selecting John McCain in 2008, the fate of America was decided. Did the Ron Paul rule destroy the GOP? Ron Paul’s revolution would have easily defeated the then sensationalist Senator Obama. Voters would have largely ignored the promises of Obama and the Democratic party and sensationalism would have lost, bigly.

Every Major Party Candidate Will Be Sensationalist From 2020 Onwards

The Democrats won with big, vague promises that were never meant to be upheld in 2008 and 2012. Trump ran and won with the same playing cards. Every political analyst from now until the end of time will use those victories as guides to run successful candidates in all elections. That’s scary. Has honest brokerage finally come to an end? Has President Obama destroyed the American political process?

Then-Senator Obama’s “you can keep your doctor and stay on your parent’s plan until you’re 25” was absolutely false. The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) did NOT make healthcare more affordable — it entrenched a failing system in red tape and made it even more expensive. People lost their doctors, seen their premiums shoot up and some even lost their plans altogether. Is this what he promised? No, no it wasn’t. It sounded good, that’s all that mattered.

Fast forward to 2016 when billionaire Donald Trump tells people that he wants to end foreign wars and focus on America, and only America. He wanted to undo all of the harmful regulations that the Obama administration championed in the name of progress. For the most part, the President has been keeping his word on the deregulation. But everything else? Probably a farce to think that he meant it. “America First” was never actually about America, neither was “Drain The Swamp” actually about draining the swamp. Trump has engaged in many questionable foreign policy actions and appointed many corporate oligarchs to positions of power in his cabinet.

Sensationalist Causes Are Just As Bad

Causes that are antithetical to American beliefs like Black Lives Matters, Antifa, March for Science and many others are flooding the minds of ordinary Americans. Ordinary Americans think they sound good but in reality are completely against the fabric of the American spirit. Black Lives Matter is a racist organization that supports black nationalism, Antifa is a communist organization that supports many of the actions it’s against and the March For Science is an authoritarian left-wing group thinking anti-science organization.

These violent organizations, causes, and ideas are plaguing the airwaves and have convinced Americans that they are legitimate when they are nothing other than extreme and violent. Victimhood whether true or not makes their cause legitimate.

If Americans keep falling for the farce of sensationalism then the future is dark. If we think the future portrayed in Idiocracy was bad, imagine a future ruled with vague promises and empty political causes.

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