For anyone who wasn’t blindly partisan, Roy Moore losing the special election was no surprise. There is a line that even Republicans won’t even cross. This was not Bannon’s fault, it wasn’t McConnell’s fault nor was it Jeff Flake’s fault either — It was Moore’s fault that he lost. He was a terrible candidate, period. He hated the Constitution, he hated everything that the Republican Party fought for post-Civil War. He was more akin to a 1920’s Democrat than an actual Republican.

Moore should have never won the Republican Primary in the first place

Moore’s sketchy past of not respecting individual rights and stomping on religious freedom in Alabama should have been Alabamanians first hint that he was not right for the nomination. The second hint should have been Trump endorsing Sen. Luther Strange for the primary. Trump isn’t stupid, he knows how to pick candidates, unlike Steve Bannon. The third and final nail in the coffin should have been support from Bannon. Bannon openly admitted that he wanted to “burn the Republican Party to the ground”. Would a man that wanted to destroy the Republican Party pick a candidate that would accurately represent the party? I don’t think so.

If Moore wouldn’t defend himself against misconduct allegations, would he defend his values if they were challenged by other Republicans in the Senate?

If any other candidate were attacked in the fashion he was, hell would have broken loose. Jones and the other Democratic attackers were eating Moore alive and he just stood there in the spotlight and let them. Doesn’t that say a lot about the character of Moore? Doesn’t it say a lot about his moral strength? If any other person were attacked in the same fashion he was, they would have taken the spotlight and hit back even harder. But the fact is, Moore didn’t. That’s why he lost.

The GOP is bad at learning their lessons after failed elections. They lost an unlosable election. The Moore vs. Jones election isn’t the first one they’ve screwed up majorly in. Let us all hope that the GOP will pick better candidates in the future, especially ones not openly supported by someone who wants to destroy the party.