It’s been a little over a year since President Trump was elected and his party has still yet to embrace him. Trump’s large and bombastic personality might be one of the many reasons that GOP lawmakers are rejecting him and his pragmatic ideology. Though, Trump’s fundamental rejection of the Freedom Caucus and the Liberty Caucus may also be a thorn in his side as those groups are the most influential and vocal on the hill.

Pragmatism does not fit with the GOP establishment

It’s no secret that the GOP establishment types have no interest in negotiating with anyone about anything. That rings true especially when it comes to unconstitutional wars and limitless defense spending. It rings even truer when it comes to working with the Democrats on repealing Obamacare. Trump has a vested interest in repealing Obamacare and he has expressed his openness when it comes to working with Democrats on the matter.

Trump cannot ignore the fiscal hawks in the Freedom, TEA Party, and Liberty Caucuses

The President since day one has ignored all of the fiscal hawks in Congress despite fiscal responsibility being top among his planks in his platform. He has repeatedly left out the Freedom Caucus in major policy proposals. If The President thinks that appointing Freedom Caucus and Tea Party member, Mick Mulvaney, to the OMB placated the fiscal hawks he’s surely mistaken. It was one good thing out of the many bad things he’s done for fiscal responsibility.

We cannot entirely blame President Trump

It isn’t entirely his fault why his party won’t rally around him. Trump is very decisive and isn’t afraid to state what he believes in fully. Politicians on the hill have no interest in stating what they truly believe and why. Austin Petersen, a Missouri GOP Senate contender says it best.

The final thoughts are simple – Trump is nothing without the support of the Republican Party. Either he has to change or his party has to change.