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New York’s Free College is Discriminatory

New York’s Free College is Discriminatory

As a college student in upstate New York I was eager to hear about Governor Cuomo’s new free college program. When I read into it, I was deeply disappointed. New York’s free college program is deeply flawed and needs to be fixed. It discriminates against STEM students and those who do not excel in the state college system. To be specific, the bill that was passed requires students to graduate on time (which is nearly impossible for STEM students) in order to retain the grant from the state. It’s quite obvious that Cuomo and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had it in their intentions for the Excelsior Scholarship to solely benefit those in liberal arts rather then in STEM fields.

Was it all just a stunt?

It was speculated among newspapers and other publications that The Excelsior Scholarship, New York’s free college program was drafted by Sanders and Cuomo for their respective presidential bids in 2020. So why make it accessible only for liberal arts students? To gain votes and support for their bids in 2020.

It’s also no surprise to New Yorkers that our governor would hide provisions such as forcing people to stay in New York if they choose to accept the scholarship because of the mass exodus of both conservatives and liberals alike. Make no mistake, this program created by Sanders and Cuomo was not meant to benefit those that could not afford college. If it were, STEM students wouldn’t have such a difficult time acquiring and maintaining the scholarship.

STEM is dead in New York State

The long and winding path of Albany attacking the right of the teachers in High Schools to teach as they wish has finally creeped into the crevices of colleges in the SUNY system. STEM has been under attack since common core was instituted by President Obama and the war continues today. By forcing students to think inside of a box and forcing teachers to teach one way across the state is eerily damaging. As a college student, seeing the effects of those practices on my peers is soul crushing. There was once a time where STEM students were the creme of the crop and now they are nothing other than liberal arts students that know how to do math (and they aren’t even any good at that).

The so called “liberal” policies of marginalizing Republicans, STEM students and business-people in New York have to end. People are leaving in troves and it’s not good for the economy of New York state. If Governor Cuomo wishes to turn New York into a hippie wasteland, then so be it. Don’t expect me to be apart of this any longer then I have to. If you continually tell me I’m wrong because of conservative my beliefs, discriminate me because I want to run a business or punish me for innovating then I’ll take my business elsewhere. Governor Cuomo, if you wish to destroy the state that I grew up in and the state I love dearly, you’ve won.

Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press