As rumors of Robert Mueller’s dismissal are floating around, leftists across the spectrum are crying foul play against Trump and the Republicans. Some have even threatened to take the streets in protest, even though, according to a poll by Harvard 54% of Americans say Mueller has a conflict of interest in the investigation. Is this just partisan hysteria as a response to the end of the only political stance the DNC has taken since 2016 or is it more than that? Before you make up your mind to that rhetorical question, here are three things you should know about Mueller’s investigation.

1. Trump can fire Mueller at any time, legally

Many people have been saying that it is illegal for the President to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That is simply false. President Trump appointed him by his own will, he was not appointed by Congress. If they did appoint him, then this would be a different story. As such, there are no current laws preventing Trump from dismissing him despite what everyone is saying.

2. Nobody has been officially charged with collusion

Despite what the MSM has been saying, nobody has been charged with colluding with the Russians so far in Mueller’s investigation. Keep in mind that Manafort was accused of corrupt lobbying practices and charged forthwith. He was not charged in collusion with foreign adversaries. Flynn was charged with perjury because he lied to the FBI in an official interview.

3. The FBI and Fusion GPS paid for the dossier on Trump, confirming suspicions of partisan inspiration

In recent hearings with the House Oversight committee, we found out that the FBI and Fusion GPS (a Russian lobbying company that has ties to Hillary Clinton, Paul Manafort, and Vladimir Putin) had paid for the Trump dossier. We also learned that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had been texting back and forth talking about an “insurance policy” in the event that Trump was to win the election. There has been no official comment on whether or not the dossier paid for by the FBI had any influence on the investigation but, it does prove that there are some partisan interest groups in the FBI and they are willing to play dirty.