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The Mainstream Media is Obsessed With Trump’s Tweets

The Mainstream Media is Obsessed With Trump’s Tweets

The mainstream media’s constant freak-out over every one of Trump’s tweets is starting to get out of hand.

People on the left wonder why nobody on the right takes them seriously when their main outlet of propaganda, CNN, is constantly trying to discredit the President of the United States over a series of dumb things he says on Twitter and other forms of social media. Their latest craze besides the “Covfefe” incident is Trump’s latest tweet of a meme. Yes, that’s right — our President is a memer. He is the Memer in Chief. The meme in question is a scene of a wrestling match where a CNN logo was put on the head of Vince McMahon and said CNN wrestler was body-slammed.

Why it is Out of Hand

The MSM’s constant conniption over every one of Trump’s tweets is starting to get out of hand. There are plenty of politicians from DC that tweet at the frequency of Trump. In fact, most of the members of the frequent Tweeters club also have a good sense of humor. Specifically, the Junior Senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse. Sasse is a moderate Republican and tweets often about non political issues on his personal Twitter account (@bensasse) and has a loyal following of people from the left and the right. Many people often Tweet the Nebraskan Senator saying they enjoy the content on his personal Twitter, despite being non-supporters. Another prominent member of the frequent Tweeters club is Ted Cruz (@TedCruz), former Presidential Nominee and Senator from Texas. Cruz, like Sasse posts memes and other non political content on his personal Twitter account. To say that our President, Donald Trump is the only politician on Twitter that posts ridiculous content is absurd and just plain false.

Why the Mainstream Media Actually Hates Trump’s Tweets

When politicians begin to use Twitter as a means to talk directly to the people it threatens the mainstream media’s monopoly on information. The President no longer relies on the dishonest propaganda machines to distort his message and they hate him for it. Sargon of Akkad had released a video shortly after the PewDiePie fiasco stating that the mainstream media outlets rely on their influence and will do anything to protect it. He had concluded that the WSJ and other traditional media types hated PewDiePie because his reach was far greater then theirs. The same could be said about the President. One could replace every reference to PewDiePie in Sargon’s video with Trump and it would still hold water.

The influence of the big 7 media companies are thinning. They keep lying and distorting messages. The recent videos from Project Veritas do not make the situation any better. The mainstream media outlets can either lie themselves to death or start reporting the truth and rebuild trust. It’s their choice. Their reach will continue to fade until they clean up their act.

Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press