With Claire McCaskill’s Senate seat in Missouri being deemed the most vulnerable seat in the entire country, many GOP candidates have taken to the soapbox stands to tell us why they are the best candidate to take her on. Four candidates have stood out in the race. Those candidates being: former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen, US Navy Veteran Courtland Sykes, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley (Endorsed by the NRSC and President Trump) and US Air Force Veteran Tony Monetti.

Each candidate has their positives and their respective negatives and only one of them will win the nomination. The primary race will be no cakewalk for any of the candidates, it is surely a contested and very heated primary, to say the least.

Who are these candidates, what do they believe in?

Austin Petersen – Born in Independence and raised in Peculiar near a town called Liberty.

Austin Petersen, former Libertarian nominee for President. GOP challenger to AG Josh Hawley in the MO SEN. GOP primary race.

As stated earlier in the article, Petersen was formerly a challenger to Fmr. Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson in the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination process. He came in second place. Petersen is a self-described “Constitutional-Conservative”, he has been fighting for liberty for the past 10 years. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from Missouri State University.

Petersen built his career in media. He was the producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Fox News TV show, Freedom Watch. Petersen eventually went to start two online media outlets, The Libertarian Republic and LibertyViral. He and his team receive more than 1,000,000 views per month. Petersen also ran the most downloaded podcast on PodBean, The Freedom Report.

Petersen’s most obvious strength in the primary process is that he knows how to spread the word and spread it well. His presidential campaign for the Libertarian Party captivated many college students and gained the attention of many high profile conservative pundits. His campaign is the only campaign to actively reach out to the younger voters, the biggest voting bloc in the entire country. His campaign is the only Senate campaign in 2018 to accept BitCoin for donations and he is the only candidate that interacts with his supporters on social media.

Petersen’s platform is simple. He wants to restore power to the people of Missouri. He is staunchly pro-constitution, pro-second amendment and he is pro-life. While he disagrees with President Trump on many issues, he is not a “never-Trump” Republican like many of his opponents are stating. He has stated before on multiple interviews that he looks forward to working with the President if he were elected. He is the worst enemy of the Washington Swamp, the political elite, and enemies of the Constitution. Want to know more? Visit his website at http://fireclaire.net or read any of the articles we’ve written about him.

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Courtland Sykes – Trump “yesman”.

Courtland Sykes, US Navy Veteran.

At first glance, I thought Sykes was running a parody campaign. I wasn’t the only one that thought that. Nonetheless, Courtland Sykes, an Arkansas native has taken his soapbox and won’t let up for anyone. He has been a permanent Missouri resident for less than a year. He, like Petersen, is a businessman, an entrepreneur. He runs a defense consulting firm and has not made any public statements about it.

Sykes has an interesting campaign platform. He has stated that his campaign is “Trump-style populism on steroids”. He has relied heavily on social media and short interviews with reporters to spread his message. Sykes is also relying on video to spread his message. His campaign videos are excellent and give an accurate summary of what his campaign is about.

Sykes is very adamant about his support for President Trump. He has said in his campaign videos that if you support Trump you can count on him to be a champion of Trump and Trumpism. He shares Trump’s concern with immigration, stating that he believes that Muslim immigration to the United States should be stopped cold in its tracks (implying eventually he would open it up to them again).

Like Petersen, and unlike Hawley, Sykes is libertarian-ish. Sykes has stated multiple times that he agrees with a lot of things Petersen has said and has commented on being “Libertarian in spirit”.

“They say so many right things, and then, just when the listener is about to get aboard — the libertarian swerves and goes way too far and into the ditch”

Make no mistake, my Libertarian biases aside, Courtland Sykes may seem like a performance act (similar to Vermin Supreme) but he will be an impediment to Hawley, Petersen, and Monetti during the primary. Trumpism is not dead, yet.

Want to know more about Sykes? Visit his website at https://sykesforsenate2018.com/

Tony Monetti – US Air Force Veteran with some traction issues

Tony Monetti for US Senate.

Chances are, you’ve never heard of Tony Monetti, like me. Monetti shares many of the same issues that Sykes shares. They have no platform to speak and be recognized. Unlike Sykes and Petersen, Monetti is a moderate Ben Sasse style Republican. He is calm, he is collected and he knows exactly what he wants to say and how to say it. Unfortunately, he just cannot get the platform to do so.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a former member of Trump transition team and former Trump Advisor endorsed Monetti in a Twitter video. That is the only high-level Trump-ish support he has received.

Monetti has taken some interesting positions on issues that the other candidates haven’t. Like Petersen, Monetti has stated support for term limits on members of Congress (and the Senate). Monetti has also shown support for CBD Oil and medical marijuana. His message is very interesting and very unique.

“I am committed to fighting the culture of political cronyism, patronage, and lobbyist influence.”
Tony Monetti

Visit Monetti’s website to learn more about him and his campaign.

Josh Hawley – The Attorney General of Missouri and Mitch McConnell call boy

Josh Hawley, Missouri Attorney General, and 2018 Senate Candidate.

It’s no secret that Josh Hawley is a political insider. When he ran for Attorney general he promised to stay in office. He broke his promise after Austin Petersen, his principal opponent announced his bid for the Senate nomination. If it wasn’t evident by his lack of commitment to his promise then his endorsement by McConnell and the NRSC should have sealed the deal. Although Hawley is a political insider, he did receive an endorsement from President Trump. So that has to count for something, right?

While Hawley has made some questionable political moves during his campaign, he has received a vast amount of support from both the DC Swamp (the establishment) and the people of Missouri.

Hawley’s message is much more focused then Petersen’s, Syke’s or Monetti’s. Hawley seems to be reaching out to the farmers in Missouri and the middle class akin to what President Trump did during his campaign. His message is clear and it does make sense. There is substance to his message and it has traction. It’s unclear if the Attorney General supports Term Limits like all of his other opponents do — If he does, that’s great — If he doesn’t, he probably should.

Final Thoughts

Whomever the people of the Republican Party of Missouri choose to be their candidate will be the one to defeat Claire McCaskill. Polls have shown that a generic Republican can beat her by 6 points or more. Whether that Republican be Hawley, Sykes, Monetti or even Petersen. All of the nominees have their strengths and weaknesses but once a candidate is selected and groomed by the Republican Party, maybe they will have a chance?

  • Stephanie

    I support Austin Petersen. You can tell how dedicated he is to the liberty movement. He calls his constituents directly just to listen to what they have to say. He truly cares about where this country is headed.

  • Deeann

    Your article is biased. Tony Monetti has many accomploshments you ignored. He’s an Air Force Academy graduate, but was accepted at all 3 service schools. He’s a retired B-2 pilot and combat veteran of two wars. He’s a businessman, he started the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program in Warrensburg, and he’s a Christian author. He’s the assistant dean of aviation at UCM and saved the unvisersity’s failing aviation program. It is now the best in the nation. He has a strong platform that you ignored. He believes government should follow the Constitution and reduce government intrusion into our lives. He believes in providing for the common defense, among other things. He’s quickly gaining name recognition and he will be a force to be reckoned with. Learn more about him at https://www.monettiforsenate.com

    • There’s more information about Petersen then there is about any of the other candidates online. I like Monetti, he’s a great guy. I like what he stands for. I’ll update the article. Thanks for giving us more information!

      • Deeann

        Thank you.