The Liberty Republicans have been busy running and endorsing candidates for US Senate and other various federal elections. At a time when the Republican party has been largely rejecting liberty and smaller government, the Liberty Republicans are ready to spread their message. It seems that they maybe have the manpower and support to pull it all off.

Notable Campaigns in Maine and Arizona

The two most prominent campaigns being run by the Liberty Republicans are in Arizona and Maine, two places that could use a good dose of common sense and fiscal responsibility. State Senator Eric Brakey, from Maine, is the only declared Republican candidate as of writing this article. He has officially received endorsements from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY). Fmr. State Senator Kelli Ward, from Arizona, is the frontrunner in the Arizona GOP primary as of writing this article. She and Brakey are both self-described constitutionalists and are as committed if not more committed to tax reform as Sen. Paul.

Maine State Senator, Eric Brakey (Right) and US Senator, Rand Paul (Left).
US Senator, Dr. Rand Paul (Right) speaks with Fmr. Arizona State Senator, Dr. Kelli Ward (Left).

While Brakey’s and Ward’s campaigns are too soon to call, it’s nice to see the brushfires of liberty begin to spread. They both have the political experience and friends on the Hill to get into office and get to work.

House Campaigns Cannot Be Ignored

In 2018, all 435 house districts are up for reelection. The GOP may or may not lose many seats in this midterm election. House districts cannot be ignored, especially in our current political climate. There are a number of primaries to watch and hopefully be inspired by. Rebekah Bydlak, previously endorsed by the Chairman of the House Liberty Caucus, is running for FL-1. Shane Hazel, a candidate we’ve covered recently, is running for GA-7. These candidates are a few among a plethora of liberty-minded people who deeply care about their districts, their states, and their country. They cannot be ignored and they will not be ignored.

My final thoughts are short — While this movement may be seen as a joke to many of the insiders, political elites and cynical abandoned Republicans it isn’t a joke to many of the people who believe in these candidates. Dr. Ron Paul started this movement by himself after he was betrayed by the Republican Party after Sen. Barry Goldwater’s crushing defeat in 1964. The cold hard truth is that if the President keeps rejecting his biggest assets (the Liberty movement) then it surely will dissolve and return to just being Sen. Paul.

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