2016 and 2017 were monumental years for the Libertarian Party. In 2016 the party’s Presidential nominee amassed more votes then all of the other Libertarian tickets combined. In 2017, more Libertarians were elected to public office than ever before. The party has set new records and have gained national attention. 2018 is the year to shine and here’s how I think the party can take things to the next level:

Be More Inclusive

Nobody becomes a libertarian overnight. Many members of the LP tend to shun people who do not meet a purity test, thus disenfranchising potential listeners and new party members. Small L libertarians and members of the Libertarian Party need to understand that it may take some time for people to fully embrace certain ideas. More importantly, we should not view people who do not agree on certain topics with cynicism.

Focusing on Local Issues

Along with running candidates in national elections, Libertarians need to run for local offices as well. Most local offices are often uncontested and are good places to get a platform to speak about issues that matter the most. This is one area that the Libertarian Party did very well on in 2017. According to the LP national website, 12 new Libertarians were elected on November 7th, 2017 adding to the nearly 150 nationally elected Libertarians. One candidate was unopposed.

Reach Out to Millennials

In a recent poll, nearly 71% of millennials desire a third party. The Libertarian Party can fulfill that desire. The LP can go to colleges and reach out to the disenfranchised. The message of individualism is very appealing to a generation forced to fit inside of a mold by the previous one. Liberty Republicans like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz had the most active college supporter groups. Libertarians in general, specifically Larry Sharpe and Adam Kokesh should not underestimate the political power of college students, Millennials in general, and Gen Z.

Market Ideas Better

One place where Libertarians really do lack and they don’t just lack a little but is their marketing for their ideas. Most Libertarians are really bad at getting the word out and explaining their stances on positions. We, unlike members of the GOP and DNC, are not career politicians and we often falter at making more sophisticated arguments.

With the spread of ideas come websites and other media outreach platforms. Libertarians are notoriously bad at making websites and going on social media to espouse their ideas. While it can be said it costs money to make a website and do social media, it doesn’t take an army to make a decent website. With innovations like Squarespace and other WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors, anyone can make a good looking and modern website.

Our Moment is Now — Let’s Seize It

2018 is the year of the Libertarians. 71% of millennials want a third party and the LP is here to take that spot. With more focused priorities, better marketing of our ideas and reaching out to the people that want us the most we can make history.

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Richard is the co-founder of Rational Press. He is a libertarian-leaning conservative and a lifelong tinkerer. Contact: rm@rational.press