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Liberal Outrage, the Washington Post and Russians

Liberal Outrage, the Washington Post and Russians

As certain as the rise of the sun every morning, liberals and the main-stream media have found another reason to be upset with Trump. The newest “scandal” stems from a Washington Post article by an anonymous source, as per usual. The claim states that Trump “revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador” and the headline makes it seem as though Trump just gave Russia access to our nuclear launch codes. Lets break down this joke of an article and set the record straight.

Misleading Headline

To the average person the headline seems pretty damning. The headline is reported as a fact and there is no indication that this report could possibly be false. Of course, this article could very well be false – we’ll get into that soon enough. Furthermore, the headline makes it seem as though Trump has done something illegal: he hasn’t. The President of the United States can declassify any information he wants at will. This headline is purely based on speculation and is comparable, if not identical, to clickbait.

Unknown Sources

Similar to the majority of other “scandal” article, this one too comes with baseless allegations from “officials.” At no point in this article were any of the sources named, they all were kept under complete anonymity. Anyone can claim to know things and anyone can write an article using anonymous sources. Americans need to take articles that use unknown sources with a grain of salt, as they would a college student’s essay that doesn’t use credible citations. If Billy’s use of Wikipedia isn’t good enough for college professors, why are anonymous sources good enough for the news?

Irrelevant Information in the Article

Bearing resemblance to a witch hunt, the Washington Post made sure to include irrelevant tidbits about Trump in the article. From discussing Trump’s recent firing of FBI Director Comey to talking about a lengthy conversion between Trump and the Prime Minister of Australia, the Washington Post made sure to remind us that Trump is a terrible President, at least in their eyes.

Conflict Between Official Reports and the Article

The White House has denied this article in full with multiple named sources who were in the room during the meeting between Trump and the Russians. Both Secretary Tillerson and White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster formally denied the allegations in statements to the media. So who are we supposed to believe, an organization caught spreading fake news multiple times before using anonymous sources, or officials who were actually present in the meeting?

There’s Nothing to be Outraged About

Even if Trump did reveal this information to the Russian government officials, there’s nothing to be outraged about. There is nothing wrong about Trump telling Russians about possible terror threats to civilian airlines. If anything, Trump could of just prevented another bombing of a Russian airliner. There’s nothing outrageous about Trump’s metaphorical discussion and most of all there’s nothing illegal about it.




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