After the 2016 Presidential Election, the Libertarian Party needed a new superhero, someone who could captivate potential voters and Larry Sharpe might be just that. Larry is the pragmatic Libertarian that could just flip the tables for the 2018 New York Gubernatorial election. His campaign is very promising, mainly because he is taking it very seriously compared to Michael McDermott in 2014.  He has some very real, very realistic solutions for problems that New Yorkers are facing. He IS the real deal when it comes to a gubernatorial candidate.

For the longest time, I’ve been telling my parents and friends that I wanted a candidate to stand behind. Larry Sharpe is that candidate. I thought for the longest time that Marcus Molinaro, the Dutchess County Executive and former Mayor of Tivoli, would be my candidate for 2018 but Larry has me sold. New York desperately needs a dose of liberty.

Larry’s Plan To Win

Larry Sharpe has a plan to win and it’s very clear. He wants to raise $1,000,000 by the end of the year to get the media’s attention. Will he be able to do it? To me, it seems likely. He has the resolve to break the bad rap that Libertarians have with the media with his more moderate positions.

He has said on his new radio show that he supports getting the government out of the vaping industry, which will attract younger voters like me and my peers. He is the typical Libertarian in the sense that he is socially accepting and fiscally responsible. He detests New York’s culture of punishment and bribery — that includes Cuomo’s Excelsior scholarship, the initiative that gives free tuition to state schools if graduates stay in state for the amount of time they were in college.

“Any good system expects some users to fail. And instead of ruthlessly punishing, a good system tries to rehabilitate. Our system is NOT that. Reform is the answer and only the Libertarian party is ready to do that.”
Larry Sharpe

A Practical Solution In His Scope

Every New Yorker knows that the George Washington Bridge is in terrible disrepair. Larry Sharpe thinks he can fix that by selling naming rights. Instead of calling it the George Washington Bridge, he think maybe it should be the “Sprint Bridge” or the “Verizon Bridge”. He has proposed that maybe corporations like Verizon or Sprint would benefit from naming rights since morning traffic announcers would talk about the bridge in traffic reports every morning. To me, it seems like a great idea since those companies would not want their name to be tarnished by a bad bridge or a bad piece of infrastructure named after them.

My final thoughts are short — Larry Sharpe would be an excellent Governor. For too long has New York tarnished under Governor Cuomo. Many parts of the state have not seen growth in over 20 years. Those parts that are seeing growth are subsidized by Albany and Cuomo’s failed StartUp, New York program. Our infrastructure is crumbling and people are leaving in droves. If things continue like this, surely there will be no New York in the future. Larry Sharpe is the guy for the job, he has the solutions and he has the charisma. That’s why he has my vote in 2018.