In the age of Trumpism, the GOP is lacking political courage. Tax reform is about to be nixed because of a certain Senator from Arizona. It’s no secret that the GOP is not unified. They haven’t been unified since they took control of the Senate in 2016. The only two members of the GOP that have courage are currently being shunned because of their ideological purity (Sen. Cruz and Sen. Paul). Ryan and McConnell are nothing other than cat herders — something only the Chairman of the Libertarian Party can do.

Will Ideologues Ruin The Party?

Ideologues like Reps Thomas Massie, Justin Amash and Senators Paul and Cruz are the current face of the ideological wing of the Republican Party. Their voices are sometimes the loudest in the midst of utter chaos. The principled constitutionalists, (anti-)federalists and civil libertarians are being silenced by the Republican Leadership in the House and the Senate. Massie, a Liberty Republican from Kentucky has often referred to the GOP leadership as spineless and overreaching. He described meetings where Paul Ryan would tell all of them how to vote. He said in a speech for Reason Magazine that Washington, DC is less like House of Cards and more like The Walking Dead. These outspoken members of Congress are the only people with chutzpah on the hill. They will not ruin the party but revive it — but only if the fervent authoritarian right let them do their jobs.

Political Courage Is Greater Than Leadership

Many of the weaker less prominent Republicans often blame their problems on the lack of congressional leadership. The problem is that every member of Congress claims to be a leader. When there are 538 “leaders” on the hill then there will be obvious clashes. Leadership isn’t the problem, it’s spinelessness and lack of principle. Nobody has any original ideas and everyone is afraid to innovate. You’d think with all of the political hacks claiming to be leaders at least someone would have a good idea, right?

The GOP Will Dissolve Before They Unify

The GOP is a political machine that has been churning since the 1860’s. It hasn’t missed a beat and probably will not fail during our lifetimes. The fact of the matter is that a party formed under a big tent (formed as a big tent party) will not survive. It can’t. Unlike the Democratic party, the Republican Party was formed from a bunch of smaller, more focused parties. The GOP was formed because of abolitionism and abolitionism only. The Free Soil Party, The Whig Party and the Know-Nothings all had very different platforms and different purposes. They all rallied under the abolitionism banner and conglomerated because they knew that slavery had to be abolished and they would be stronger under one banner.

Now that the 1860’s have passed the GOP no longer has a single issue to unify over. This is why the party of Lincoln cannot stand for much longer. As the party’s icon once stated, “A house permanently divided amongst itself cannot stand”. The GOP would rather dissolve then unify and that’s the sad truth.