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John McCain Should Retire, NOW

John McCain Should Retire, NOW

It’s no question that today’s Republican Party has been changed by the Senator from Arizona, John McCain. The Senator was recently diagnosed and treated for a brain tumor and brain cancer above his eye. With his treatment for the tumor it’s a fair time to ask if the 80 year old war veteran should continue his career in politics. While many of his opponents wish for his recovery, they are also pushing for his early retirement. The Arizonan Senator like his counterpart in Utah, Orrin Hatch has shown no interest in retiring.

John McCain’s Health is More Important Than Politics

Yes, it’s true. The Senator is quite frankly, very ill. He has the most aggressive type of brain cancer. When someone undergoes a procedure like he does, they need rest and alot of it if they want to recover. While he may have tremendous strength — nobody who is tired and fighting a multi-front battle can withstand the pressure of cancer and a brain tumor.

Even with a cancer diagnosis, the Senator fights on. The statement from his daughter, Meghan McCain shows the true strength the Senator has.

The GOP Needs All Hands on Deck

With attacks coming left and right from Capitol Hill Democrats, the GOP needs all hands on deck. It’s clear that John McCain is in no condition to assist his fellow party members and The President. Ignoring the attacks from the far left, the GOP is under tremendous pressure to begin enacting The President’s agenda. From sweeping deregulations, repealing Obamacare and lowering taxes the GOP and The President need all the help they can get to continue restoring American greatness.

In short, the Senator needs his rest. He cannot fight multiple battles and expect to win all of them. The country needs him to be healthy and so does his family. If the Senator decides to retire, the Governor of Arizona can appoint someone who is prepared for the job of replacing the most respected Senator on Capitol Hill. A war hero deserves his rest not only for his sacrifices to America on the battlefront but for his sacrifices to America on the homefront. This man is a hero in all of its definitions, don’t get me wrong. I may wholeheartedly disagree with his entire ideology but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a good person. Capitol Hill desperately needs new ideas and the Senator needs to recover.

Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press