The whole Russian whataboutism has gone too far. It’s tiresome, it’s not getting us anywhere and quite frankly it’s not really healthy for America. The cold war is over and yet we’re still on a witch hunt to figure out if Trump is a Russian agent? Is this real life? Are we really putting Dr. Jill Stein, the 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate, in front of the Senate Intelligence Cmte? to find out if she is a Russian agent? This action alone has proven the whole investigation to be a pissing contest for the parties involved. Why else would we waste precious time and money on something that isn’t true and never was true?

So that begs the question….

Why is The Senate investigating Jill Stein?

Questions have arisen over Stein’s activism abroad. She, like other third-party politicians, has taken a fancy to the Russia Today news channel. She like Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura, Darrell Castle, et al. have done multiple interviews with American correspondents on Russia Today because they were the only major cable news organization that had any interest in their campaigns. She has also gone on a diplomatic mission to Russia and spoken on a panel directed towards President Vladimir Putin to discuss possible routes for peace in the middle east. Is there anything overtly wrong with taking interviews with Russia Today and going on diplomatic activism missions to Russia? No, absolutely not.

Sen. Richard Burr has stated there are other Campaigns under investigation

According to the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Richard Burr, there are other campaigns under investigation. His spokeswoman declined to state which other campaigns. If you were to ask me? I think Evan McMullin and Mandy Flynn should be investigated instead of Stein and possibly former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson. If we were to investigate every election that had foreign influences then we’d be investigating every local, state and national election ever held.

It’s clear that the real Russian colluders are the Democrats. They have worked tirelessly with Fusion GPS and other corrupt Russian lobbying groups to undermine President Trump’s lawful victory over the electoral college. The people of the United States have spoken — And in the words of the loser in chief herself:

“We should all urge calm and respect for laws, institutions, and basic human rights and freedoms – and support for the democratically elected civilian government ” – HRC 2016