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Why We Should Hold the Media Accountable

Why We Should Hold the Media Accountable

Earlier this year we published an article about fake news. Since then, fake news has gotten worse and worse. Not only has fake news gotten worse, the definition of it has changed and so have the motives of those posting it. Fake news has evolved from lazy journalism to flat out lies. The mainstream media is fully engaged in cognitive dissonance and preying on the fact that nobody reads articles fully. Americans need to relearn how to read or else we will be plagued by fake news for eternity. We need to realize these facts and hold those media giants who take advantage of those flaws accountable.

Re-learning how to read?

When I say Americans do not know how to read, I sincerely mean it. When an average person reads something, he or she tries to read it quickly. By reading something quickly people tend to gloss over facts and the key points. When reading carefully an average Anti-Trump article by the Washington Post it’s easy to see where I’m coming from. An average Anti-Trump article from WaPo or any other liberal newspaper often obfuscates facts by claiming “anonymous sources” and including misleading phrases like “[Trump] may have colluded [with The Russians]”. By purposefully misleading readers and claiming anonymous sources, the WaPo and other publications diminish their credibility. Sooner or later their credibility will be gone if it isn’t already.

Making Media Accountable Again

In order to make the media accountable for their thoughtcrimes we, the people, need to acknowledge that it is happening. We need to acknowledge that it is happening on both sides of the isle that it isn’t just the “liberal media”. Fox News and Breitbart do the same thing that the Washington Post and Huffington Post do. All mainstream media outlets are purposefully misleading their readers for political gain and it needs to stop. The best way to combat the Orwellian media is to ignore them.

With that being said, the Rational Press is dedicated to making journalism honest again. It is our prerogative to not mislead our readers. Most importantly we stand by our words and will correct any mistakes we make.


Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press