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Georgia 6th Congressional District – Ossoff vs. Handel

Georgia 6th Congressional District – Ossoff vs. Handel

The race is on in the Georgia 6th Congressional District – Karen Handel vs Jon Ossoff

Georgia’s 6th Congressional district in green pictured above.

All eyes across the nation tune in on this Tuesday, June 20th 2017. In the special election to replace former House Rep. and current Secretary of Health Tom Price it’s dead heat between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff. Both have run tough campaigns attacking each other on critical points.

The runoff election is taking place today. Early voting has suggested that the 6th district will be flipped as Jon Ossoff had received ~58% of early votes. With that being said, it would be improper to suggest that Jon Ossoff will win as people are out voting en masse today.


Jon Ossoff’s Critics Have A Lot To Say

As with every political campaign, Karen Handel has painted Jon Ossoff as an outsider and a liar. While it is true that Ossoff does not live in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district, it did not stop him from running for that seat. Nor does it mean that Ossoff doesn’t understand the issues that face the 6th district. Handel had painted Ossoff as a liar because he admitted to lying about security clearances given to him when he was a national security staffer.

Image courtesy of 11alive.com

Those are not the only qualms that Ossoff’s critics have. His critics have been questioning his campaign funding after he raised nearly $8 million dollars just 3 months into his campaign. His critics were not wrong with being suspicious. It was reported that nearly 5,816 individual contributions came from California alone and 3,916 from New York. It was estimated that $7 million also came from the ActBlue SuperPAC, a platform allowing Democratic candidates to fund raise online.

Make no mistake, Jon Ossoff is a force to be reckoned with. He has the political willpower to get himself into office and engage voters that were ignored by the GOP for the longest time.

Karen Handel — No Better?

Karen Handel, the GOP nominee for the 6th district, Georgia.

Many Ossoff voters and supporters claim that Handel is no better. Handel had won the Republican primary during the special election back in early April. Her background is in politics and she had held many positions before running for the House of Representatives. During her tenure in offices around the state of Georgia, she balanced the Fulton County budget and implemented Georgia’s voter ID law as Secretary of State.

Her name had been on the 6th district ballot many times and that is how she gained her notoriety and became the early GOP front-runner. Her fellow GOP critics had released an ad depicting her as out of touch because she was a career politician.

Make no mistake, reader, this race in Georgia’s 6th district has been absolute madness. Mud flinging has been around every turn and behind every corner. Whoever wins today will not have won because of their merits, its because their voice was louder then their opponent. If you ask me, both candidates were milquetoast and nothing to get excited about. Ossoff, a stooge for Pelosi and her big Democrat politics and Handel, another pawn in the game of neoconservative pandering.

Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press