It’s no secret that along with Corker, Flake is one of President Trump’s most vocal political sparring partners. That is, he doesn’t support President Trump at all. With Flake’s most recent comment stating the GOP is “toast” if it becomes the “Party of Trump” sparks a question for many Trump supporters. The question is of the future of the GOP. Will the party of Lincoln succumb to the sensationalist dogma of the current establishment? As it is now the political elites would rather see the outright destruction of the Republican Party then see it turn into a populist, Trumpist party.

Flake, McCain and other GOP elites are apart of the problem

When Flake announced that he would not run for reelection in 2018 that was monumental for the continued existence of the GOP. Both Senators from Arizona and the rest of the GOP elite are indeed ruining the party. They are actively working against the agenda of the President. While Ryan and McConnell seem to be trying to work with the President, it’s just a facade. Ryan has been accused of shutting down debate on the House floor and it’s clear that McConnell is lazily shoving bills through the Senate while not working with his colleagues.

Ryan and McConnell are making the party look bad by refusing to work with the fiscal hawks and constitutionalists. By refusing to acknowledge the other factions of the party besides their own they are making the party look fractured, weak and unwilling to compromise.

Backpedaling on campaign promises is the biggest issue

If the party continues on its current path, backpedaling on campaign promises, the future is certain — defeat. The 2018 elections may or may not seal the fate of the Party of Lincoln. McConnell is out in force with the NRSC backing candidates that would solidify the anti-Trump faction. On the other side, the Liberty Caucus is out in force backing candidates that would actively work with the President and Democrats in achieving a more prosperous America.

Will 2018 be the year of Trump or the year of McCain and McConnell? It’s up to us to decide that.