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Diversion is a game best played by two

Diversion is a game best played by two

The diversion tactic, or better known as the “red herring” fallacy is something not often used in today’s political scene. When it is, we know and we know quick. The Democrats have been demonizing President Trump and have been trying to ruin his legitimacy at every turn. Is it working for them? No, not so much. Are these attacks on the President a red herring? Yes, yes they are. Why are the Democrats red herring us? That’s a question that is more difficult to answer.

As of 2016, Democrats are very bad at losing. They expected to wipe the Senate chamber with blue and that did not happen. They expected their Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton to easily win the election and that did not happen either. So what was the natural response? Blame someone or some group of people for their failure. That group — The Russians, our oldest enemy and obviously the easiest target due to their President’s recent advances into Ukraine. The Democrats saw their ticket into relevance and milked it for all it was worth.

The constant echoing of “He’s a Russian stooge!” is something we should be used to by now. But, is it normal? The Democrats have a long history of working with the Russians, something not widely known. Michael Reagan spoke at CPAC and described a memory of the Democratic National Committee working with the Russians to get Walter Mondale elected in the 1984 election. Note that this was during the cold war, a time of seriously bad relations between the then USSR and the United States. Pulling a stunt like that today would have had the entire DNC tried for treason.

The Democrats aren’t the only one using diversion tactics, the GOP is going it aswell. The difference between the GOP’s diversion tactics and the Democrats diversion tactics is that the GOP is actually good at doing it. During the weekend, President Trump accused the last President, Barack Obama of wiretapping his house, Trump tower during the 2016 election. Now many “news” outlets have been calling this claim questionable but, something I can say with good conscious is that it is 100% credible. This accusation has taken up the airwaves and shifted the red menace narrative of the Democrats to the back-burner. That is something that they did not expect and they are exploding over it.

So now to get to the question: Why are the Democrats red herring us? Well as said before, it IS complicated but, it is something that can be answered. Our congress is one of the most unproductive congresses in the history of the United States. It is comprised of many career politicians that are in danger of losing their jobs due to President Trump’s desire to impose term limits on them. The Democrats are being called into action by the political elite and other members of the political establishment. This not only applies to the Democrats but, the career politician Republicans aswell.

It’s clear that the political establishment and people who are fans of the status-quo do not like what is happening in the Trump Administration. That is understandable, but to undermine the President and call false malice against him and the members of his staff — that is unacceptable and borderline insane. If Republicans were to do the same to the Democrats, the GOP accusers would be forced to resign from their office and be facing possible jail time. The red herring needs to end and so do the double standards. We must hold these Democratic politicians accountable for their actions and make them pay for their doublespeak.

Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press