In the race for Missouri Senate, the GOP establishment is fervently attacking liberty candidate Austin Petersen. Petersen took an early start to his campaign, announcing it on July 4th as I predicted weeks before. Unfortunately, another prediction I made has come true — the GOP establishment would ultimately reject Petersen because of his libertarian views. Not only are they rejecting him, they are attacking him.

It’s OK To Disagree With Trump!

Petersen is currently being attacked because of his lack of support for President Trump. Not only is that completely false, why on earth should anyone blindly support The President? It’s one thing to agree with him on key issues but, when all you are is an echo then you will ultimately lose. Just like Wendy Long lost in New York after a long campaign of repeating everything Trump did (fair warning, I voted for Merced in 2016 instead of Long).

One thing I deeply admire about Petersen is that he is consistent in his ideology. His support for Trump only extends to what he believes is right for Missouri. He spoke to Jamie Allman about his support for Trump. He stated simply that if Trump supported abortion he wouldn’t support the notion. This race isn’t about Trump, it’s about Missouri — it’s about a state largely ignored by Claire McCaskill and the rest of Washington, DC.

Austin Petersen Can Defeat McCaskill And Grow The Party

Let’s face it Missouri, you need to get rid of McCaskill if you want to return to prosperity and have your rights championed. Petersen is the only person who can realistically defeat McCaskill cleanly. An honest, principled businessman who won’t change his message depending on the crowd is something that will attract independents, Libertarians, and even Democrats.

Reaching out to people who are usually ignored during the political process is one asset Petersen will bring to Missouri and the GOP. When I first heard about the liberty movement in the GOP, it truly engaged me. Petersen’s reach does not only extend to conservative libertarians like myself but “big L” libertarians as well. Growing the party and championing individual liberty should be priority one for all Republicans and as far as I’ve seen Austin is the only one who even comes close.

Petersen is the best choice for Missouri, hands down

I’ve followed Petersen since his bid for the Libertarian Presidential nomination. His principles and ideas have captivated many including myself. If GOP Senate candidate Austin Petersen is the same one that ran for President then I am truly excited to see what happens to this senate campaign. If Petersen accepts his Libertarianism and uses it as his weapon to seal the nomination then he will be the next senator from Missouri. If I were a registered Republican in Missouri, I’d vote for Austin in the primary. He has the courage the GOP desperately needs and can unite a fractured party.


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    Pro life, pro constitution, pro liberty. Petersen is right for Missouri. #AllIn4AP