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LOL! California Democrats Want Less Punishment for Spreading AIDS

LOL! California Democrats Want Less Punishment for Spreading AIDS

We all know democrats in California can come up with some crazy laws (California Senate Bill 1322 makes it legal for children to prostitute themselves), but this is a new low. Now they want to make knowingly spreading AIDS or HIV a misdemeanor, as opposed to a felony. That’s right, intentionally transmitting a deadly and incurable disease could be on the same level as petty assaults in California.

California Senate Bill 239  would make knowingly exposing a sexual partner to AIDS or HIV without telling them a simple misdemeanor, as opposed to the current felony charge and jail sentence in effect now. Similarly, it’d also no longer be a felony to donate blood or semen while knowing being positive for AIDS or HIV.

One of the authors of the bill, Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), feels that current laws are discriminatory towards people with AIDS and HIV. “These laws are absolutely discriminatory. No other serious infectious disease is treated this way. HIV was signaled out,” Wiener was quoted as saying. Another author of the bill Assemblymen Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) said, “Current state law related to those living with HIV is unfair because it is based on the fear and ignorance of a bygone era.”

Republican opponents of the bill have promised to fight though.  “While we have come a long way with AIDS, you still have to take drugs for the rest of your life. You still have to bear the burden of the costs of the health care…I get that this is the only disease that is treated that way, but I think any disease that you inflict on somebody against their will that permanently changes them should be a felony,” said Sen. Joel Anderson (R-San Diego). Monthly HIV treatment in California can cost anywhere from $24,000 to $60,000 a year according the California Department of Health, a hefty bill to foot for the remainder of your life.

The bill is set to be heard on the California Senate floor on March 28. 2017.

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