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Bernie Sanders Does Not Represent Millennials

Bernie Sanders Does Not Represent Millennials

During the 2016 presidential election there were many candidates that made a name for themselves. Many senators, governors and other political figures put their names in the hat to try to gain their party’s nomination. There was one candidate that resonated with millennials and the young voter bloc. That candidate was the independent junior senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. His promise of free college and other socialist policies were a big hit with many college aged kids and young adults. Many political pundits have associated the young voter bloc’s support for Bernie Sanders due to their “bad work habits” and “feeble understanding of the world”; I for one disagree.

Bernie Sanders’ appeal comes not from his promise of free college but, for the hate that the political establishment has for him. It is truly a marvel, really. Not one political pundit supported Bernie Sanders during the 2016 election and why was that? Because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. Bernie Sanders was not the voice of the young voter bloc because of his policies but, because he truly tried to listen and didn’t label himself as a Democrat (despite running for the nomination of the party) or a Republican. He knew to label himself as an American, and a hard working one at that.

So why does the senator from Vermont not represent the young voter bloc? Well, it’s quite simple. The man is a complete fraud — he prides himself on being independent but, his voting record says otherwise. He votes 98% with the Democrats.

Senator Bernard Sanders voting record 115th Congress

So not only is Bernie Sanders not independent, he embraces the facade of a hard working middle class American yet he has never held a job outside public service. What does that mean? Every paycheck he has ever gotten was from the Government. So how can a man decry 90%+ taxes on the wealthy when he has never had to work for a living? The senator has never had to write paychecks for other people as a business owner, he has never had to stand in-front of a board room to try to retain his status as CEO.

The point is, Bernie SandersĀ is a fraud. A liar and a fraud at that. Young Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, should denounce his hypocritical ways as they do not represent millennial America.

Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press