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Austin Petersen Possible Challenger to Claire McCaskill

Austin Petersen Possible Challenger to Claire McCaskill

Will Austin Petersen challenge Claire McCaskill for her senate seat in 2018?

For some time now it has been speculated that Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) has the most vulnerable senate seat. It also has been speculated that Austin Petersen, former Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee and Missouri resident will challenge her in the 2018 election. He first alluded to a possible bid in an episode of his podcast, The Freedom Report. There has been no indication on whether or not Petersen will run as a Republican or a Libertarian.

Possible campaign logo, Petersen for Senate 2018. It is seen on his EventBrite page for his Fourth of July announcement event.

For quite some time now both supporters of Petersen and opponents have been speculating his bid for senate. He has been calling his supporters and discussing the future of freedom and liberty in the United States. He has also been promoting his Fourth of July event at his family’s farm, Stonegait Farm where he will make an “important announcement“. That further feeds the speculations. One can only guess what the announcement will be with his EventBrite page header.

Who is Austin Petersen?

Austin Petersen was a Presidential Nominee for the Libertarian Party. He finished second behind former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. He also ran for the Vice Presidential nomination (in a last minute rule change) but lost to Former Governor William Weld of Massachusetts.

Petersen has founded two libertarian news sites, The Libertarian Republic and LibertyViral. Alongside the Libertarian Republic he runs a podcast titled “The Freedom Report” where he speaks of issues important to himself and other Libertarians. His media presence did not start with TLR, he was a producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Fox News show.

Libertarian Party or Republican Party?

For a couple of weeks Petersen’s supporters have been pushing the idea of running as a Republican. There has been no official comment on whether or not he has toyed with the idea but, one could only assume that there is credence behind the idea. After all, Justin Amash and Thomas Massie are prominent Libertarian-Republicans that have broken through the dogma of big-government Republicanism. If Ron Paul could do it so could Petersen, but not without great resistance from the GOP itself.

I can foresee great troubles for Petersen if he chooses the GOP over the LP. The GOP has fundamentally rejected small government, personal responsibility and individual liberty when it nominated Donald Trump over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in 2016. GOP Trumpers have also made their voices heard by overwhelmingly supporting candidates that blindly support the President. For those who follow Petersen they know that he does not blindly support anyone, even the main purveyor of the GOP liberty movement, Ron Paul. He will face an uphill battle securing the GOP nomination if he chooses that route, that’s certain.

With all biases aside, if Petersen does decide to run for senate and wins the nomination of the GOP or the LP he is a candidate to watch whether or not you live in Missouri. If his campaign is anything like his Presidential bid, it will be exciting and fresh. Petersen will talk about ideas that are largely ignored by the main parties and engage voters that are not usually engaged which is something both the GOP and the LP desperately need. He is honest and he has great oration skills, similar to Kentucky senator Rand Paul.

I for one, cannot wait to see what the announcement on July Fourth is.

Richard is the co-founder of the Rational Press. He is a Libertarian and a supporter of free markets. He is also an electrical engineer and loves technology. Contact: rm@rational.press
  • B68W

    Given his unmatched performance in the LP debates during the presidential campaign, Petersen would be a strong candidate regardless of his party.

  • Nate Benson

    He did not run for Vice President in a last second rule change. It doesn’t work like that. I was there.

    • I saw something about a rule change about VP candidates during the live stream. What was it then? Curious.